Good delicious ideas

Hottie Yellow pepper : very hot



With the amazing taste of the Habanero.

Delicious with: vegetables, curry 's, roti. The marinade for meat and fish.

Absolutely worth the try but very, very hot


Hottie Red hot tomato



wtih the flavor of ripe tomato and pepper

excellent with: sandwiches, fries, pizza, sauce, curry's, soup and cheese or in the mayonaise

Very tastfull and combines with a lot of food, very spicy



Hottie Paprika Laos ( galanga) spicy



with the pure sweet taste of the bell pepper

excellent with: noodles, veggies, cheese and meatbals

very easy to stir-fry with, hottie paprika laos ads a lot of flavor to your dish


Hottie tomato masala spicy and hot


with the rich flavor of the masala herbs, that will bring you immediately to the oriental....

excellent with: al veggies, curry's, stews, meat and fish, peas, chicken peas

try is with your home ad egg-salad

I personally love the masala to eat it with my brie tosti



Hottie Tomaat: spicy

With the delicious taste of tomato.

Delicious with: fries, soup, sauces, stir-fry, meat vegetables and lentils.

The guacamole is ready quickly with this sambal.

for a extra kick ad it to your butter or pasta sauce

you can try this almost with every kind of food