The sambals

Hottie Sambals are natural sambals free from chemical preservatives. No fragrances, colors and flavors are used. Nature is a beautiful good, it blooms in beautiful colors, scents and shapes. This growth is unique. We humans are, too, just as the tomatoes, peppers and peppers are also unique. This can be tasted in the taste and can be seen in the beautiful colors of the sambals. No tomato is the same and no pepper is equally sweet. The sambals are therefore well checked and tasted with every addition of an ingredient. This certainly led to hilarious tasting moments after adding the peppers. I also notice that visitors and visitors stay away when I make sambals.

At the moment there are the sambals:

In the season we also have Aubergine. The other sambal varieties can also increase or decrease per season, due to the ingredients to be obtained. The sambals come in mild and hot. Most people have tasted the mild sambals. The hot one is available to order.

It is best to store the sambals by putting them in a refrigerator, so that bacteria and fungi do not stand a chance. It is also recommended to use a clean spoon every time to scoop your sambal. You can also put a layer of oil on the sambal, this works very well for the tomato and the tomato massala. The easiest way is to store your jar upside down in the refrigerator. This applies to the sambal types of tomato and tomato massala. Do close the lid properly!

Open book about peppers ...

Peppers belong to the plant variety capsicum, this plant variety has many shapes from the mild pepper to the hot habanero pepper. Capsaicin is the substance that creates the heat that comes from eating these peppers. Originally from tropical America, the famous Columbus brought peppers into the world. It is even claimed that the whole of Asia did not eat hot before Columbus came around the corner.

What happens when you eat peppers?

The tongue not only tastes the flavors sweet, salty, bitter, sour, but also whether something is warm or cold. Capsaicin is the substance that makes your tongue feel very hot. The receptors of your tongue (with which you feel the heat or cold) run wild. They send a message to the brain that thinks your tongue is on fire and is going to make endorphins like crazy. This fabric makes you feel as good as a marathon runner who has just run 40 km. Something that also takes place is that your digestion increases by 25 percent, most people start to sweat a lot at this point. I even have a friend who gets the hiccups and hiccups all night long. Some people claim that you can get a stomach ulcer from eating peppers or a hole in your intestines, luckily that is not true! Peppers were researched in the year 1920 by one Mr. Scoville, who also developed an indicator to express the hotness of the peppers. They are expressed in Scoville.